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Chris is thrilled to have been announced as a nominee in the 2012 Critics Circle National Dance Awards, under the category OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN MODERN DANCE (MALE)

The National Dance Awards have been organised by the Dance Section of the Critics’ Circle in each year since 2000 and they celebrate the vigour and variety of Britain’s thriving dance culture. They are the only awards given by the body of professional dance critics in the UK. They are presented by the Dance Section of the Critics’ Circle, which brings together more than 50 dance writers and critics.

In announcing the awards, the chairman of the Dance Section, Graham Watts OBE, said: ‘this year we have had many nominations from over 30 active dance critics, who are watching and reviewing dance on a regular and frequent basis up and down the United Kingdom. Collectively they have put forward over 250 dancers, choreographers and companies for consideration and so the final shortlists are already very much the elite of 2012. The Awards Committee wishes to express grateful thanks to our sponsors, without whom the event would not be possible; The Place for its continued support; dance critics for giving their time to ensure the best possible list of nominees; and, above all, the companies, choreographers and performers for giving us such a rich variety of choice. It has been a bumper year. We look forward to announcing the awardwinners on 28th January 2013.’

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