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The Night Time Whisperers
The Night Time Whisperers 28 OCTOBER 2010


Fast moving and poignant we are taken on the journey of a boy who faces his fears through imagination where the subconscious mind is set free within dreams. Things at home may not be harmonious but when Tom is whisked away and set free in his dreams he doesn’t realize how facing his fears could change his life for the better. The mischievous Night Time Whisperers lead this chaotic adventure by teaching him a lesson to be kinder to his toys and the people around him. Through the piece we explore delicate issues such as conflict that children have to deal with in family life.

World Premiere: The Corn Exchange, Newbury 28th October 2010
Duration: 30 minutes


“…a top level professional performance. Fast moving, poignant and full of special effects…”
This is Plymouth (20120)


Choreography: Christopher Marney
Commissioned By: Bound2Be Theatre

original cast

Belinda Chapman, Maurizio Montis, Hendrick January, Hanna Quiggin, Maryam Pourian, Sarah Homer


The Corn Exchange, Newbury 28th October 2010
The Flavel Arts Centre, Dartmouth, Devon, 2011