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Scenes from a Wedding
Scenes from a Wedding 10 MARCH 2011


The question of marriage is looming. A new Bride falls into the arms of our hopeful Groom, but is she the right one?As we journey through the sleepless nights, stag and hen parties and arguments that lead up to the big day we wonder whether or not this bride-to-be has all the right intentions…

World Premiere: Kenneth More Theatre, Ilford, 10th March 2011
Duration: 30 minutes


“…the evening was filled with Christopher Marney’s Scenes from a Wedding – a chaotic comedy about a young man looking for true love…witty…inventive…”laugh out loud”…Zany in a Tim Burton sort of way. I loved it. ”
Janet McNulty – (2011)

“Scenes is a bright, modern, very narrative take on a wedding, full of colour and wit…makes an effervescent, crowd-pleasing end to an evening”
Peter Jacobs – (2011)


Choreography: Christopher Marney
Assisted by: Sara Gallie
Commissioned By: Ballet Central

original cast

Zoe Arshamian, Nicole Craddock, James Waddell, Luke Divall, Leon Moran, Jamie Bradley, Toni-Michelle Dent, Katie Deacon, Lisha Chin


Kenneth More Theatre, Ilford, 10th March 2011
25 perfoemances in the UK, including Linbury Theatre Royal Opera House, Stratford East, Lowry Salford Quays & Unicorn Theatre, London