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MOKO mix 27 February 2013


The Suitcase Story, devised and choreographed by Christopher Marney, is a poignant and uplifting dance show about a little girl. Lonely and finding herself caught in the middle of her parents’ differences, the girl seeks comfort in a dream world. From inside her charmed suitcase she conjures up an imaginary friend that no one but her can see. Brimming with humour and tenderness, The Suitcase Story is a sensitive and heart-warming tale.

MOKO Mix is a national dance partnership dedicated to opening the eyes of young people and their families to the power of dance.
The new dance project starts touring in March 2013 at DanceEast with MOKO Mix, an exciting double bill of world premieres: The Suitcase Story and The Rock.

World Premiere: DanceHouse in Ipswich. 27th February 2013
Duration: 22 minutes


“Funny and cleverly choreographed…dealing with issues people of all ages can relate too.”
Wayne Savage – East Anglian Daily Times (2013)