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Carnival of the Animals
Carnival of the Animals 28 MAY 2010


Set in a run down theatre, in 1930’s London, Carnival tells the story of a star-struck stagehand eager to join the show because of his love for a girl in the corps de ballet!

World Premiere: ADC Theatre Cambridge,  28th May 2010
Duration: 35 minutes


“Christopher Marney is a one-off.  As Saint-Saens did pastiche, so has Marney. Hysterically funny…I was with Alexander Grant that evening -He laughed himself silly. It’s almost up there with Jerome Robbins’ ‘The Concert’. Mr. Marney is multi-talented: a brilliant producer, a good, quirky choreographer and he also dances. He is going to be the first Christopher Marney. ”
Craig Dodd – Dancing Times (2010)


Choreography: Christopher Marney
Assisted by: Maurizio Montis
Commissioned By: Images of Dance (London Studio Centre)

original cast

Nicolo Centocchi, Shima Tsukada ,Sophie Auger , Nao Ikejiri, Caroline Rees, Charlotte Schofield, Alexandra Taylor, Shoko Tanei, Bethany Hooper, Yuhi Yoshimura, Asuza Urano, Ayelet Polani, Elena Reimschen, Marisa Casa.


ADC Theatre Cambridge,  28th May 2010
8 performances around the UK, including the Peacock Theatre, London