BALLET BLACK February 2013


Commissioned by Ballet Black the narrative ballet War Letters is an episodic exploration of relationships during World War II. The loneliness of women left behind and a soldier’s turmoil are set against the thrill of London dance halls and the resilience of those who lived through the Blitz.

World Premiere: Linbury Studio Theatre, Royal Opera House, London. 28th February 2013
Duration: 40 minutes

Photo ©Bill Cooper, with permission by Ballet Black


“Marney creates some moving vignettes, notably a sequence between a damaged soldier and his anxious lover, and he has a keen eye for detail”
Keith Watson -Metro (2013)

“Christopher Marney’s War Letters is the most significant piece…with an adroit musical sensibility, Marney conjures several moods – from a soldier’s dream of his girl back home to a London dance hall where the Blitz spirit keeps the horrors of war at bay, albeit temporarily, and the soul-wracking guilt of a woman uncertain of her love until it is too late…this does justice to its subject matter with singular skill.”
Neil Norman – The Stage (2013)

“The meaty bit comes from Christopher Marney … Marney is clever at suggesting context and story with minimal imagery.” Evening Standard (2013)

“Marney’s War Letters is another affecting work…he establishes character, blending classical line and dancehall style with unforced ease”
Luke Jennings -The Guardian (2013)

“The more substantial work was an exemplar of how to create flavour and attitude through a rough sketch that successfully invokes the mood of an era with no set and without any colouring-in of a detailed narrative. The costumes (sourced by Gary Harris) gave a flavour of the wartime mentality of make-do-and-mend, a spirit that characterised Marney’s own simple and thrifty approach to conveying his concept economically but with purpose and style.”
Graham Wats – LondonDance (2013)


Choreography: Christopher Marney

original cast

Kanika Carr, Sayaka Ichikawa, Sarah Kundi, Cira Robinson, Jacob Wye, Jazmon Voss, Damien Johnson, Joseph Alves.


Royal Opera House Linbury Studio Theatre and subsequent UK tour.